In the Beginning...

The Lawdensky name was established within the commercial construction industry in 1964 by Frank J Lawdensky and two partners.  After his partner’s retirement, Frank started FJ Lawdensky Construction Co. which was eventually renamed to Lawdensky Construction Company, a company that has been family owned and operated since it’s beginning.  Frank established a reputation for on-time and on-budget construction performance that has lasted to this day.  This has produced many long-standing working relationships with clients throughout the company’s 50+ years in business.

Today, Frank's Family continues to uphold the integrity he instilled over fifty years ago.  The Lawdensky Family still strives to maintain and build upon the reputation that Lawdensky Construction has within the commercial construction industry, pushing every project to be on budget, on time, or better.


LCC started the project on schedule and finished in a timely manner. During construction when unforseen conditions occurred, Lawdensky notified our office and we were able to work through the conditions with no or little delay to the project.

LCC worked closely with the post office staff during construction and was able to keep the Full Service Lobby open throughout construction with minimal disruption.

LCC was a valuable asset to this Lobby renovation project. We would recommend this firm to any party for a project of similar scope and complexity.
— Robert D. Young, President, Renaissance Architects, Inc.