Single Point of Contact

We understand that when our clients search for a general contractor, they want upfront, accurate, and honest information.  They is why we assign a single point of contact for each of our projects.  When you call upon Lawdensky Construction, the person who works with you in pre-construction, is the same person who builds your project team, manages the day-to-day activities, coordinates every step of the project, and ensures your satisfaction at the close of the project. 

Small to Large

Lawdensky Construction treats all projects with equal importance.  From small to large, each project gets the same attention and dedication.


We prioritize  the pre-construction phase as we have come to understand that this is the most crucial aspect of the project.  We know that by putting more effort into a project from the beginning, the remainder of the project will be exponentially smoother, simpler, and of better quality.

Communication is Key

Lawdensky Construction understands an owner's desire to stay informed and involved on their project.  We know that the decision to execute a commercial project is one that requires continuous confidence in that project's progress.  That is why we make every effort to be upfront and informative with every client we work with.

Value Engineering & Construct-ability

We make every effort to save our clients' time and money.  We are constantly on the look-out for areas where we can give our clients the best product possible, for the best dollar value possible.  In addition to this, we analyze project drawings to determine the best possible way to turn our client's vision, into a physical reality.  By placing heavy importance on construct-ability, we are able to make project run much smoother, shorten schedules, and lower budgets.


The most exciting aspect of the construction industry is that no two projects are completely alike.  With this in mind, Lawdensky Construction knows it must be flexible and creative to meet a client's needs and to give that client a final product they can be proud of.

On Time, On Budget, or Better

These simple words drive the team at Lawdensky Construction on every project.  We understand that every dollar and every day that we save our clients is another step to ensuring their success.  The success of our clients ultimately leads to our own success.  We have prided ourselves on sticking to this philosophy and see its' benefits through the many long-time, repeat customers we continue to service to this day.